Windows Mobile Video Blog 2, and MEDC Update

Have you seen the new Palm Treo device running Windows Mobile 5.0? I have, and I made another video blog to prove it. You can test your ability to understand a N. Ireland accent by clicking here to access it.




John's Second Video Blog


Next rhetorical question: so have you booked your flight to MEDC yet? MEDC is the highlight of every Mobile Developer's Year, well, at least for me. (Obviously I'm talking about it being the highlight of my professional year, as I do have other interests besides Pocket PCs. No, really. I'm sure I do.)


This year MEDC returns to Las Vegas, albeit to the new location of the Venetian, which I'm sure is lovely. I mean, who hasn't wanted to stay in a hotel that has a fake canal system?


MEDC is aimed at different types of developers - from Embedded system engineers to Application Developers. It's the Application Developing track that I'll be paying particular attention to, and if I get a chance I'll be trying to sneak in to hear the talks and do the labs.


I've helped out at these lab sessions before, and they're really good. If you need a little practice on a particular aspect of Windows Mobile application development, this is the way to do it. This year there are labs and breakout sessions scheduled on using the Compact Framework, writing games, using Mobile AJAX, security (that's a good one), using SQL Server, DirectX, and a lot more. And you'll find a lot of Microsoft devs lurking around reading to answer your questions.


My team, the User Assistance team, will be manning a booth and we'll be rolling out a few extra things of our own which should prove interesting for you, so be sure to stop by.


Finally, this appears to be my 100th post, which either means I'm trying really hard to find new ways of spreading Windows Mobile information, or else I need to spend more time on my regular job. You decide ;-)