Latest Team System Dogfood Stats (April)

Regular folks know that I've been posting Brian Harry's dogfood stats for a while. Today, looks like Rick LaPlante stole my thunder and beat me to it :-)

Anyway, for those folks who are looking here I'm going to post them anyway, and include some pretty pictures too - so there is some value added over Rick's numbers...

April Dogfood Stats

April Dogfood Stats

April Dogfood Stats

Availability (over the past week)
The server was available 99.92% of the time – one of the best availability numbers we’ve ever had – (we think the Yukon April CTP has helped a lot)

Users with assigned work items: 432 (up 10)
Version control users: 247 (up 27)

Work items
Work items: 26,836 (up over 5,600)
CSS nodes: 1,717 (up 24)
Work item versions: 194,117 (up 29,500)
Attached files: 6,647 (up 450)
Queries: 2,041 (up 400 – and NoahC is leading with 52)

Version control
Files/Folders: 73,893/9,678 (up 9,000/900)
LocalVersion: 4.14 million  (up 800,000)
Total compressed file sizes: 1.71GB (up 1.1GB)
Workspaces: 438 (up 80)
Shelvesets: 856 (up 325)
Checkins: 1396 (up 600)
Pending changes: 30,268 (up 15,000) – note this includes shelved changes, 2391 are “real” pending changes

Commands (last 7 days)
Gets: 10,923 (no data last month)
Downloads: 922,203 (no data last month)
Checkins: 282 (no data last month)
Uploads: 4653 (no data last month)
Shelves: 615 (no data last month)