RSS or email notifications for Work Item tracking?

There is already a lot of discussion on Scott’s recent blog entry on Tracking Bugs about whether Team System will provide an RSS feed for bugs.

Today, our internal tool doesn’t provide an RSS feed, but as one of the other Microsofties added in a comment to Scott’s blog there are a whole host of internal tools which have evolved around product studio to perform a similar function. Some of them send you email when a query result or a bug changes; others sit on your desktop and pop up alerts when new bugs come your way. I haven’t seen an RSS feed internally yet, but I suspect someone is probably working on it.

What would you like to see? RSS feeds? E-mail notifications? Messenger alerts? I’m not making any promises about what you’ll see in the final product but I’d love to hear what people outside of Microsoft would like to see. (Chances are that if you’re reading this blog you’ll want an RSS feed).

Also, what is the most important thing to track – changes to arbitrary query results, or changes to specific bugs?