Speech Application SDK Beta 4.0 Announced

We just announced that
Beta 4 of the Speech Application SDK and beta 2 of the Microsoft Speech Server are

I have to apologise that I don't yet know when Beta 4 will be available for public
download, although I suspect that members of the MSS beta program will receive copies
somehow (it looks like a couple of newsgroup regulars have already got hold of it
- it's great to see people enthusiastically starting to work with it already).

There aren't really many major new features in this release; obviously we're getting
close to our final official version, so there isn't much room to put in anything significant.
However, it should be much more stable - and in particular we spent a long time on
making the telephony application simulator more robust, and there are a few tweaks
to usability that we've been able to make here and there.