Team Foundation ship room signs off on RTM - ship it!

We just finished our final shiproom - Team Foundation Server is ready to go! Read more on Jeff's blog here

These are just a few of the folks who have been at shiproom every day for the last few months helping get this baby out of the door - thanks to all of you!

Who's who?

From left to right - back row: Dan Kershaw, PM; Mohammad Iqubal, Test Lead; Aldo Donetti; Gregg Boer, PM; Jim Boyle - PM, responsible for running Ship Room; Paulo De Oliveira, PM; Marc Kuperstein, PM Setup; Jeff McKune, Dev Lead

Front Row: Jeff Beehler - Jiminy Cricket of TFS; Bryan MacFarlane - Dev Lead; John Lawrence (me) - Dev Manager; Layne Wiwatowski - Test Lead

You can bet  there will be more celebrations throughout the day...