Workaround to Search Results RSS URL Shows Internal Links


If you have a public facing site built on MOSS 2007 you normally would have two zones defined: default zone that is your local intranet and Internet zone that's your public facing zone. In Alternate Access Mapping, you would put something like http://servername in the default zone and put in your Internet zone; then you would create a content source to crawl your site as http://servername to if you want all documents stored in list to be crawled. This works very well but there is one area that the internal URL will be shown:

Enter something in the search box, click search, on the search result page, if you have RSS turned on, you would see an RSS link to allow you to subscribe the search result feed. Click on the RSS link icon, you would see all URLs are shown as internal http://servername  

This is a bug - because the specific WebPart always get URL from default zone. 


Go to Alternate Access Mapping, public the public facing URL into the default zone and put your local intranet URL into custom zone.