Getting to 1.0

I imagine that a lot of my readers are developers like me who got into the business (or stay in the business) because they love the craft of software development. I would go even further and say that a lot of my dear readers are working on a “side project” to create apps for their hobbies, family, and/or community. Some of you might even have “the next big idea” and you need to go from an idea in your head to fame and riches.

On May 16/17 2014, Microsoft is hosting a free global event, //publish to help you get to 1.0. Microsoft will provide test devices, and access to engineers who can help you crush your last bug, and answer any questions you might have to help you deploy and publish your next great Windows and/or Windows Phone app. If free technical consulting doesn’t get you to show up, how about pizza?

And if my dear readers are able to publish their apps by June 1, 2014, they can enter in the //publish contest for a chance to win a MakerBot 3D printer, a Nokia Lumia 1520, $10,000 USD for an ultimate developer setup, or even a trip to the 2014 Formula One United States Grand Prix in Austin, TX.

I think it’s pretty clear what your next step is, dear reader. Go register, and publish your next app this month.

Full contest details and rules