It’s all a big game

Let me start by apologizing to my international readers for such a U.S.-centric post. However, the first presidential debate of 2012 is tonight (October 3, 9-10:30pm EST). The Xbox live team has launched the Xbox Election Hub with media partners to provide additional news, and polling for Xbox live users. This is a great way for people to quickly get up to speed on political issues.

Microsoft has been polling users for several months on Xbox and has built a profile of the typical Xbox “swing voter

Xbox Swing Voter


However, the real important news is that Xbox users who watch 3 out of the 4 debates on Xbox will win Halo 4 Warrior Avatar Armor. If you’re not already enrolled with Xbox Rewards, make sure that you sign up before the debates tonight. It’s really easy, just go to to sign up. Because, regardless of political affiliation, we wall want to be ready to beat back the Prometheans on Nov 6, and we want our avatar to look good while we do it.

Halo 4 Warrior Avatar Armor