Study Notes for 70-484 – Share Charm

I’ve been working through the certification series for Windows Store applications and I’m currently studying for 70-484 (Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#). (see these previous articles on Security and Touch Interactions),  As with all new certifications, there isn’t a whole lot of study material much beyond poking around in Visual Studio and reading the documentation. I’ve included some directed links to MSDN articles that align with the Skills Measured by this exam. In this post, I’ll get you started on the Windows 8 Sharing contract. (Make some time for the last post. The Windows 8 Engineering team wrote a great article that walks through how and WHY you would enable sharing in a well thought-out scenario.)

  1. App contacts and extensions-
  2. Sharing overview:
  3. Sharing and receiving content:
  4. Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer Namespace:
  5. Guidelines and Checklists for Sharing -
  6. QuickStart: Adding Search to an app -
  7. Sharing Data -
  8. Sharing from your App -