Thirty days to build a winner

It’s the first on the month, and a thirty day challenge is a great way to bring about positive change in your life. Generation App has a step by step program to build a Windows 8 app in thirty days. Maybe you have an idea for an app like an SRK fan app, or a fantasy football app. Perhaps a Pintrest panorama, or a tectonic tile.




Maybe you don’t like any of those ideas. What are you going to do to get excited about Windows apps? How about a Windows 8 app contest with $500 cash and prizes including copies of Windows 8, Tablets running Windows RT, and of course T-shirts!!!!! It’s getting started at The Grand Prize winner gets $5000, and Microsoft will promote your app in MSDN Flash. You’ll continue your media campaign with an interview on Microsoft DevRadio.




What if you’re excited about the launch, but you just can’t get an app together?? Microsoft and Stack Overflow are teaming up to run a Windows 8 app contest for app developers, as well as community members who answer Windows 8 questions on Stack Overflow. Quick note, both of these contests are running both for United States residents, as well as international entries. So join me on Stack Overflow as we start exploring the wonderful world of Windows apps.