Building a Platform Bed and Renting an Industrial Space

For several months (ahem, maybe a year) I've been meaning to build a platform bed. Right now our mattress is on the floor which, while convenient for the cats, is less than stellar for getting in and out. So yesterday I took to the shop and built the frame and cut the platform and sides. Today I'll be staining and painting and assuring final fit. And in the process I've been reminded of a few things:

  • My shop is really too small to be moving 4x8 sheets of plywood or MDF around. I keep clipping the water heater with the edges of things.
  • I need a framing square. I've measured from corner to corner and the frame measures out as square, but it doesn't look right.
  • MDF makes noxious dust. Cutting and (shudder) routing MDF. It makes more and nastier sawdust than wood.

All of which leads me to think that I need to rent an industrial space that's a) big enough and b) well-ventilated enough where I can work at odd hours without disturbing the neighbors. 1400 square feet or so should do me.