Chris's Tables

A while ago, I was chatting with Chris Anderson. He came into my office and noticed an oak table in my office. He immediately picked it up and turned it over, then asked, “Did you build this yourself?” Now, I can't say that table was a work of art: I built it in my shop in about an hour with a 7-1/4 inch circular saw, a router, and a few screws. Does it look great? No. Is it terrible? No. But then Chris directed me to his first woodworking project. I felt suddenly much less accomplished as a woodworker. About a month later, Jason Zander (PUM of the CLR) came into my office and also noticed the table. It turns out there there is a host of serious woodworkers at Microsoft -- folks with dedicated, 1,000+ sq. ft. shops, collections of planers, jointers, sanders, lathes, and so on. I mostly just hack stuff together by comparison. But it's still fun.