FAM, SteveB, and Popfly

According to one of the Popfly team members (Sriram), SteveB mentioned Popfly a few times during his financial analyst meeting presentation:

“…Whether it's three guys in an office creating Popfly or a thousand people building the next version of Windows, our employees are thinking big, and thinking in an innovative form 100 percent of the time…”

“…Yet, the power of the innovation in those products is really quite amazing. And yet we have smaller innovations, our robotics studio, Popfly, some of the things that we're doing in our Azyxxi product for the healthcare industry, Microsoft Surface, that do come out of very small-scale teams…”

“…There are software products, enterprise products, client products that really enable people, other software developers, to build software plus service. So we have stuff like Windows Live, and Office Live, Popfly, MSN, Live Search, Virtual Earth for individuals…”


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