Jury Duty in Kent

Like voting, jury duty is one of those low-effort ways of doing the right thing. For the second time in three years I've been called to jury duty. And for the second time in three years I've been summoned to Kent, about 30 miles from where I live in Seattle. I won't ever complain about being summoned to jury duty (though the "random selection" algorithm needs work -- I've been summoned twice in three years and my wife has not been summoned since we moved to Seattle). I am curious why Kent and not Seattle, though I'm not complaining about that either: the Kent Regional Justice Center has free WiFi and evidently the jury pool room is much nicer than the one in Seattle.

Anyway, if you've never sat in a jury pool the day starts with a briefing from one of the judges who comes out and explains why we're here and it appears that there's a lot of waiting. The judge we had gave a really good talk, so Live-searched her and emailed her to say she did a good job. She replied about two minutes after finishing her talk marveling at how quickly I found her email address (it's on the King County web site). It was nice that the judge took the time to reply to my email and was so prompt.

And that was the highlight of the day so far.

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