My Cat, The Radar Dish

For the last few days, one of our cats (Mac) seemed a little under the weather. It's hard to determine when an animal that sleeps 22 hours a day when it's healthy is slowing down, but last night we had the definitive word: he was bleeding. We rushed him to the kitty emergency room and were told that it was from an abcessed gland in his butt, and that it was painful but not life threatening. They did some work, and this morning at 7:30, I picked up my newly-remodeled cat from the vet.

He's wearing one of those "don't lick yourself" collars that injured animals wear. I didn't realize how much this would affect him until he tried to get out of his pet carrier and accidentally got stuck in the door. Once out, he fled for the basement (which he enters through a little pet door). Watching him try to figure out how to get the radar dish through the kitty door was priceless and, despite knowing that he was afraid, hungry, tired, and in pain, I had to laugh. Call me Satan.

He gets great satellite TV reception, too.

Update: He just managed to get out of the plastic collar. I don't know how. Maybe I'll change his name to Houdini.