Not "Visual Studio Live": Call It "Tuscany"

There's a natural inclination to shorten things. "Visual Studio" becomes VS, for example, and ".NET Framework" becomes ".NET." I should have thought more about that when I started writing things like, "figuring out what 'Live' means for developers" or "determining what a 'Live' version of Visual Studio might look like." Everybody seems to be calling it "Visual Studio Live." With my background in marketing I should have known better. I'm really not branding anything: that's up to the marketing folks.

So, in case you're wondering, the code-name for the project I'm working on is "Tuscany." Not "Visual Studio 'Tuscany'" mind you. Just "Tuscany." So from here on out I'm talking about a region in Italy.

And how did we choose this code name you ask? Well, I was sitting in a room with Craig Symonds (my general manager) and Chris Dias (one of Soma's business managers) and pointed out that if we didn't come up with a code name for this project we'd all start calling it "Visual Studio Live," which it may or may not be. Chris suggested Tuscany and we bit.

Henceforth, Tuscany.