Popfly in the News

You probably already know that Mark Frydenberg at Bentley College used Popfly in some of his introduction to information technology courses. Campus Technology magazine pointed to his work to show how Bentley is trying to teach the impact of technology on business practice.

When students use Popfly to create mashups -- such as geotagged photos of mountains from Flickr mashed up with Virtual Earth data to place the photos of mountains on a map in the countries where they lie -- they see an illustrative example of Tim O'Reilly's Web 2.0 principle that "Data is the next Intel Inside."

Mark just forwarded me this link because the hardcopy of the magazine came out and because he and Philip DesAutels will be speaking at a conference this summer.

What's interesting to me (aside from the fact that Popfly could be useful in education) is how this dovetails with CMU's Computational Thinking ideas.

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