The 18-inch Roller and the Shur-Line Edger

I was watching one of those home improvement shows the other day and noticed that one of the painters was using an 18" roller. I noticed another using an edger that had wheels on the side to keep it a set distance from the trim. Historically I've eschewed devices such as edgers because they do a worse job than I can do with a brush. And the 18-inch roller looked pretty unmanageable. But I decided that I needed to move into the 20th century and try a painting technique that wasn't invented in 1890.

  • The 18-inch roller is very heavy, especially when fully loaded with paint. My wife is uncomfortable with it because of that. I find, however, that it is incredibly fast at covering large areas and recommend it for anyone who does a lot of painting.
  • The edger proved itself not only fast, but remarkable accurate. This is a gizmo I'd recommend to anyone painting a room.