Wi-Fi Bye?

Conexxion by Boeing is an in-air 802.11 wireless service. As far as I know, it’s the ín-air 802.11 wireless service. I’ve used it on a couple of SAS flights from Seattle to Europe and, when it works, it’s amazing. Unfortunately, you pay your twenty-something dollars and you’re likely to find that it doesn’t work for a couple of hours during the flight. And on many flights that have the service it doesn’t work at all (on one flight, I helpfully suggested the stewardess to reboot the link, earning myself one of the most baffled looks until someone else chimed in that the way many airplane electronics are wired, rebooting would require turning the plane off). In any event, it’s not surprising that it’s having financial woes. I just hope that people don’t give up on the idea – it’s a useful service.