Consolidated List of Word Developer Resources

*** I've updated the books below, but for most Office 2007 developer resources, see my more recent post.

I posted a copious number of resources that can help you with your Outlook development, and here is a similar post for Word. I'll maintain this, and if you can think of things I have missed, please send me your ideas:

Here's the list of Word developer resources I will maintain and keep up to date.


Articles with code ( or code downloads):


Reference Documentation:




Code Snippets:

Tools and Utilities:


MVP and 3rd Party Resources

Visual Studio Tools for Office Team Blog

Newsgroups and Forums:

  • microsoft.public.word.vba.general

  • microsoft.public.word.vba.customization

  • microsoft.public.word.vba.userforms

  • microsoft.public.word.vba.beginners

  • microsoft.public.word.docmanagement

  • microsoft.public.word.vba.beginners


  • microsoft.public.officedev

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