Microsoft DevDays 2010 Day 2

I delivered a session today that describes what's new in Office 2010 for solution developers. It's a session that I have evolved over the past year. My core demos have also evolved, and I'm pleased with the impact they make. The session was well attended, and I was pleased to see plenty of enthusiasm for Microsoft Office solutions from the good folks in the Netherlands.

My demo image is still based on Office 2010 Beta 2, and that's something I'm already in the process of changing. I'm moving to RC (then RTM) bits for the demos so that they perform faster and look sharper.

Here are two videos from the show today. The first is of "XBox Row"-long bank of XBox kiosks so people can get their gaming fix. I have to confess that my gaming level ends at Minesweeper in Windows. My sons have tried to teach me to play XBox, but I simply stink, and I'm not willing to dedicate myself to learning more. I'm comfortable being left behind in this area of societal trends.

XBox at DevDays 2010

The second brief video features two attendees to my session-Jasper and Ivo. They were extraordinarily welcoming, and we had a great lunch together talking about cultural perspectives in the United States and the Netherlands.

Netherlands best!

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Rock Thought of the Day:   Can you dig the opening guitar riff in Journey's "Stone in Love"? Memorable opening, and the song just kicks tail all the way through. There were actually quite a good number of solid songs in the 80's. Melloncamp laid down some great tracks as did Van Halen, Judas Priest, Metallica, Scorpions, Queen. Good times.

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