Microsoft TechDays 2010 in Antwerp Belgium

I caught a train from Den Haag to Antwerp in Belgium on Wednesday afternoon. You can see the Dutch countryside in this short clip.

Traveling by train to Antwerp.

I used to live in Belgium when I was a missionary for my church 25 years ago, and I fell in love with all things Belgian! It's one of the great gems of Europe. Anyway, I delivered my standard "What's New In Office 2010 for Developers" but I added some new demos to keep it fresh. The session was a huge success, and there were good questions. I must say that I had a U2-size screen as my display screen for the session. It's the biggest I've ever had during a show. You can see it during the intro to my session here:

The Jumbotron at TechDays 2010

Here's a quick 30-second interview with Katrien de Graeve who drive the developer content at the TechDays show. We need her in Belgium helping get the word out, but she'd be successful working at Microsoft's corporate office helping drive things from there, too!

Katrien de Graeve gives her reaction to the TechDays 2010 show


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