My.Blogs and VSTO Outlook

I am so behind on a couple of things- I'm a few days behind on a chapter for my book. I should have it wrapped by Saturday. I'm a day behind on an article for MSDN Magazine. I should have it wrapped today. I feel like crud, and I have loads to do at work. Arrggggh.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I wrote an article for MSDN based on a VSTO Outlook add-in solution written by my friend, David Hill. It uses the My.Blogs assembly produced by the VB team here at Microsoft. Cool stuff.

Creating an Outlook My.Blogs Managed Code Add-in

Rock Thought for the Day: As you know I love guitar, and I usually praise the metal players. I like excellent technique and crunch riffs. Make no mistake: Ramones-style 3-chord slop is fantastic in its own right. Some of the best songs ever written were done this way. I get into every note, over overtone, every reverberation of a riff, a solo, a chord progression no matter what the style. This is what makes Brad Paisley's "Mud on the Tires" country album extremely satisfying: the guy can play guitar with the best of them. We just do not give true country players their due. I bet at a concert or club this guy is a better shredder than a lot of the metal players out there. I have a friend who went to his recent concert here in Seattle and said he was blown completely away by Brad's guitar playing. It's good to be open-minded. Great guitar playing knows few boundaries.

Rock On