Office Developer Guild is Live!

The developer community for Microsoft Office grand and healthy. And, the knowledge and expertise in our community is pretty vast and deep. To make it easier for us to stay alert about events, up-coming content, etc. and more easily share ideas we now have the “Office Developer Guild”—a group of like-minded professional friends on Facebook. Additional benefits in the ODG include receiving announcements, slightly ahead of everyone else, of up-coming content, events, etc. That way you can tee up your own blog entries in advance! You’ll also receive exclusive messages from community leaders and insiders. As part of the on-going Office developer conversation I’ll be reaching out, asking questions, and soliciting feedback as well.

Who can join? Anyone who is interested in how to developer productivity solutions with Microsoft Office. This includes Web, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, VBA, XML and other developers--- all of these products & technologies are relevant.

How to join? Search for my email on Facebook and request to be added: I’ll add you.

Host the ODG image: Place the ODG “badge” on your site or blog so that you identify yourself as a member of the “the Guild”. Be sure to announce on the ODG wall that you are hosting the ODG image (shown below).


Rock Thought of the Day:

Billy Corgan, with impromptu band “Spirits in the Sky” (including members of the Seeds and Electric Prunes) did a tribute concert to Sky Saxon last week. They played a very nice new song (one guitar brazenly out of tune), and you can check out the video. Hard to make out the lyrics, but it is solid. It’s also satisfying to hear the putative new percussionist for The Smashing Pumpkins, 19-year old Mike Byrne. The kid’s got the right vibe for the band.

Heard great song by the Generationals today, “Angry Charlie” on their new album “Con Law”.

Rock On