Outlook and LinkedIn

Many of you have heard that we announced the Outlook Social Connector back at PDC 2009. The connector works as part of Outlook 2010, 2007, and even 2003, and it allows you to surface activity from your social media networks right inside of Outlook. With this you can connect those networks to your email, calendaring, and other activities. The big news today is that the LinkedIn provider for the Outlook Social Connector is now available. Providers for Facebook and MySpace will be coming at the time of the Office 2010 official release.

Learn more about the announcement today here:


And, download the LinkedIn provider here:


You can also create your own provider for the Outlook Social Connector by learning from this article:


If your organization has its own social network infrastructure you can integrate it with Outlook via the connector by creating your own provider.

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Rock Thought of the Day: Black Label Society

I was listening to Zakk Wylde yesterday (rocking out while riding the bike trainer). His guitar playing is fresh and unique. I'm not sure why he doesn't normally place higher in the annual "greatest rock guitarists" polls that go around. I'd love to play one of his signature guitars-a custom Gibson on my guitar rig. The sound would be so big, monumental and clear.


Rock on, Zakk!