SharePoint Development Article

I have been intending to mention a great article by Robert Bogue about getting started with SharePoint workflow development:

Wrangling SharePoint Workflows with Visual Studio

"SharePoint and Workflow may be the most powerful combination since chocolate and peanut butter, but the trick is harnessing their combined power. That isn't as easy as it first seems, but in this article you'll learn how create a SharePoint workflow in Visual Studio from start to finish."

What is particularly nice about this article is that is a true "hand-holding" tutorial. And, if you are not using our cool VSTO Orcas SharePoint workflow tools, you will need that kind of hand-holding.

 Rock Thought for the Day:

Man, I have been exploring a lot of new music. Here are some bands/songs that I are on my Zune:

Type O Negative - Listen to the title track on their new album, Dead Again. I also like the song "Everyone I love is dead" from the World Coming Down album.

David Ball - He is a great classic-country sounding performer. I highly recommend his new record Heartaches By the Numbers. Listen to the track "Please feed the jukebox"

Rock On