Azure Tooling: Deploy Java apps to Azure from JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA


There’s been a lot of news coming out of Barcelona this week. Whether you work on Microsoft Azure, Windows or Office 365, develop for Windows, iOS or Android, it’s likely that TechEd Europe has had something for you. But one piece of news you may not have read about comes from Microsoft subsidiary Microsoft Open Technologies (MS Open Tech).

Intellij image v.2For the last few years MS Open Tech has done a remarkable job building technical bridges between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. The latest of these is Azure tooling for IntelliJ and Android Studio, which were included yesterday as part of the release of the MS Open Tech Tools plugin for Microsoft Services.

Many enterprise JAVA developers have requested Azure tooling inside of IntelliJ IDEA (much like what we have for Eclipse). In response, a handful of developers from DX got together with MS Open Tech to build the Azure tooling for IntelliJ, which gives Java developers an integrated and consistent experience while building applications for Microsoft Azure.

With the toolkit you can build, debug and deploy Java applications to Azure directly from IntelliJ IDEA; configure deployment components for more advanced deployment configurations; and enable sticky sessions.

MS Open Tech has made its Azure tooling for IntelliJ available on GitHub and it will soon be available on the JetBrains repo as well. If you want more guidance on how to use the tooling, checkout Ashish Thapliyal’s blog post or the MS Open Tech blog.