CRM on 2008 Server and IPV6

When building a Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC using Windows Server 2008 if you just leave the default network protocols enabled you can run into problems using the CRM Outlook Client. It will not be able to connect to the CRM server.

One of the causes of this can be IPV6. For example when you ping your application server because you are on the same computer you will get a funny looking loopback address such as: "::1:". This seems to confuse the CRM plug-in.

Just simply unbinding the IPV6 protocol from the network connection will not work either. Unfortunately it requires something a little more drastic. You will need to disbable the IPV6 protocol on the server. Normally you would not need to do this as you would not be running your client on the server, but for your dev VPC it is the simplest way to get things working.

 Here is how to disable IPV6 on your VPC server:

Also here is a good article about installing CRM on Windows server 2008: