What version is installed again?

If you are like me you probably have several CRM VPCs that you use with different versions installed to match your target environment. Keeping track of what CRM rollup version is installed on each can be a tedious task.

So why not show the version of CRM on the desktop of the server?

CRM Versions

 Here is how:

1) Download the BgInfo power tool from the following location:


2) Uncompress all the files in BgInfo.zip to a location on your hard drive like c:\bginfo

3) Run the BgInfo application by double clicking the Bginfo.exe file in the folder where you unzipped to.

4) Click the custom button to add a customer field to the output.


5) Click new on the user defined fields dialog window.


6) Enter the identifier name as "CRM V2" select the "version information for a file" radio button and select the file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin\CRMCore.dll" as an example.


7) Add the custom field "CRM V2" to the layout by clicking the add button.


8) Click the apply button.

9) And now on your desktop you should see the following CRM version information.

Now when you login to your VPC the CRM version information will be right on the desktop!

But wait! The version information requires that I know the revision number for each rollup. In picture above the version number is 4.0.7333.1408. The revision is 1408 which means that I need to remember that revision 1408 is CRM rollup 3.

What if I want it to state the rollup number instead of the revision number?

Stay tuned for my next post...