MSR TechFest - See How Microsoft Research Shaping Is The Future

[Crosspost from Managed World]

Rory is doing some videos at Channel 9 on the Microsoft Research TechFest event happening at Microsoft this week. If you want to see how Microsoft's own version of Area 51 is shaping and changing the future of technology, you should ABSOLUTELY watch these videos.

The first video has just been released:

There is a lot of cool stuff coming out of Microsoft Research. Even Google won't stand up to some of these technologies :). We shall prevail :P. It's important to realize that Microsoft is filled with geeks just like you. We want to create cool stuff that changes the world. And what better way to emphasize that than taking a dive into Microsoft Research :).

Enjoy the video. And feel absolutely free to send this link around. This is truly exciting stuff coming from Microsoft and most geeks should be able to find some type of excitement in it :).