New Works With Windows Server 2008 Program

There is a new kid on the block around our Logo program with Windows Server. What is that? With the release of Windows Server 2008, we will be introducing a new "Works With" program. What is the "Works With Windows Server 2008 Program"?

The "Works With Windows Server 2008 Program" is a program that helps highlight and promote applications that are compatible with Windows Server 2008. The program requirements are actually a subset of the requirements for the "Certified For Windows Server 2008" program. This helps provide a better "stepping stone" for ISVs that are interested in delivering high quality applications for the Windows Server platform.

To get started, check out In the coming weeks, Microsoft will be releasing an analyzer tool for the Works With program that will help you discover application compatibility issues you may face when ensuring your application works with Windows Server 2008.

So make sure to keep an eye out on Innovate On for coming announcements (and I will continue to make this information available to you directly on this blog, of course). Stay tuned!