What is TxF and why do I care?

A friend of mine made a good comment on my last post about TxF: "what the heck does TxF do and why should developers care?" I hope to answer that question in this post. If you've never heard of TxF, read on. If you have and still don't "grok it", read on. If you just happen to love the wonderful language that is expelled from my tranquil appendages as they dance over the keyboard, then by all means, read on as well :).

So, what is TxF? TxF is the "nick name" for a new technology coming with Vista and Longhorn Server: Transactional NTFS. You may have read about or used logging file systems in the past, and you may have used journaling file systems in the past as well. But TxF is a fully-transactional file system, all built on top of NTFS. And when I say "fully-transactional", I mean it supports full ACID transactions on the file system itself.

Why should you care about TxF? You should care about TxF because... (Read More)