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Word Breaking Japanese Is Hard

Recently a Japanese user wondered why searching for "あいう" or...

Author: JonasBar Date: 09/21/2007

Why is searching for large numbers working poorly in Vista?

Say you have a document containing the number 1234567890 (it might be a part number or an invoice...

Author: JonasBar Date: 09/10/2007

Character based versus word based search, or Searching with wildcards on Windows Vista

There is a major difference between file search on Windows XP and desktop search on Windows Vista...

Author: JonasBar Date: 03/13/2007

New Mansions in Search - Advanced Query Syntax

With the Windows Vista General Availability behind us, it's time to call attention to one of the...

Author: JonasBar Date: 01/31/2007

Oh what joy

To spill my mind at will, with a readership of millions! Or something. Stay tuned for revolutionary...

Author: JonasBar Date: 01/29/2004