Techfest 2012

Today friday night and techfest has release some amazing new videos and apps

Fetch climate -> really cool, lets see how its looks on my favorite swedish holiday island. Hmm looks like its on the east side we should hangout. We tend to stay in the middle and on the west coast.

IllumiShare enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface.

Holoflector is a unique, interactive augmented-reality mirror.

Wearable Multitouch Interaction is a depth-sensing and projection system that enables interactive multitouch applications on everyday surfaces.

I'm happy that we recently connected to direct fiber to our house... Since it was not cheap I sold it to my wife - you know our kids need high broadband for future services like "holygrams" or "schoolwork" looks like the & in R&D gives us some direction where we are headingI