The new Report Wizard (No SSRS skills)

One new cool thing in CRM 4.0 is the possibility for end-users to create their own reports without any SSRS skills. Now that sad it’s still a wizard and for complex report needs a SSRS developer is still needed.

Functions available in the wizard are:

Create new reports or use existing ones

Security controlled

Export to RDL files (For a SSRS developer)

Associate with an entity and one related entity (Add columns from related entities)

Re-use existing queries or create new ones

Group and filter records

Layout controll - Table or chart types (Vertical and Horizontal bar chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart)

And more and more…

Please download RC0 and try it yourself. It won’t take you more than ~5minutes to create your own report. Please note if you are not using the RC0 VPC (Adventure works) you will need to change the connection string settings in the attached count contacts report. Open the rdl file in XML Notepad 2007 (or old notepad) and locate the connectionstring tag.

 data source=localhost;initial catalog=Adventure_Works_Cycle_MSCRM

Use the wizard and export the rdl file and continue in Visual Studio for more complex tasks

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Contacts Address List Report.rdl