Titan (CRM 4.0) preview

2 days after the NDA restrictions here is my story..

Multi Multi Multi

-Language: Additional language packs will be available. You select in your profile your interface language, even help language could be chosen.
-Currency: More than one currency. You select in your profile your default currency. Quite basic and could be extended with history of previous currency calculations.
-Tenancy: The architectural principle; One single server could host many organizations (tenants). I like!!

GUI - Office 2007 styliiiish

Of course!

Custom entity office 2007 style
Custom entity with related user entities (Team members)

IE Client

Outlook client

open outlook client

The addin is much more "robust" and smarter.
Synchronization is smarter (You decide how often you would like to update your local data in background and therefore going offline would be faster).
For outlook offline the client is now "smarter" by not going to cassini/localhost all the time even when you are online.

One small feature that I know will add a lot of business value is the possibility to update the company field for your outlook contacts (company field on contacts).

Send short cut is now included on almost all views/records (Almost like the tip I wrote earlier http://blogs.msdn.com/jonasd/archive/2007/04/19/simplify-sharing-of-opportunities-or-any-entities-with-direct-e-mailing-links.aspx)

Record duplicate checks/rules

New end user function


Reports wizard and works in offline mode. The architecture is a redesign where the double hop is no longer needed since reports could be treated as entities (Connector for SQL server). This will solve many of the kerberos related problems in previous version.


Many to many relationships (in general better relationship customizations), rw metaservice, workflow fondations as workflow engine :-) http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa663328.aspx, plugins async and sync, report wizards, Customize business logic even when client is in offline mode (in a supported way) offline plugins (former named callouts). For you who haven't been around in previous versions a plugin is a customized .NET assembly where you could write your own business logic. More configuration settings now possible to set from admin GUI instead of XML/register hacks ect.

The Resource center

Links to online resources from for example microsoft. Here you would find community information and additional information. The idea is great and I really hope this is useful and would fall into the CRM trend of social networks. It's far from ready I guess but you could hit it already now even if you don't have the CRM application installed. (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=74933&clcid=0x409&LangCode=1033&SkuType=OnPremise)

click inside the CRM resource iframe

And much much more to come!

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