Don’t sweat the small stuff

I attempted to open the Health Explorer and received the following message.

The state of this object is unavailable at this time

OMG! What to do?

I tried opening the Operations Console with a clean cache.

"C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Microsoft.MOM.UI.Console.exe" /ClearCache

ROFL! That was easy!

The lesson here is, we need to choose our battles.  There are several common or transient issues in SCOM that can be quickly resolved without having to spend valuable time and resources.

Here is a short list of easy fixes to many common agent health, management group health and ‘flaky’ console issues that may arise.

Console issues can often times be resolve by opening with /ClearCache switch.

Agent health issues can often times be resolved by flushing agent Health Service State. Also, if you’re having health rollup issues in the console, make sure you are running at least CU1, as many of these issues were resolved in this CU.

Restart the Config Service on the RMS when agents aren’t receiving overrides or new management packs.

Restart the System Center Management service (Health Service) on the RMS when group population, AD Integration or report deployment isn’t working.

Restart the SDK Service on the RMS if console connections are failing or if alert generation has stopped.