Vote for what content would you like to see most?

Sorry, but I had to remove the voting widget I had on the main page. It was causing some problems...kind of buggy. But I did take note that custom report authoring accounted for 44% of the votes! I'll keep that in mind for future posts and try to offer a little more on that subject.

If I find another voting widget that works better, I'll consider adding another poll in the future. Thanks for voting!

In an effort to provide the community with more of what you want, I have opened a poll on my main page with content categories you can vote on.


If you could take 5 seconds to vote on a category, this will help me provide the most valuable content.  If there is some other category you’d like to see added to the poll selection list, please send me a message and I will add it.


Currently, these are the topics:

- Custom report authoring
- Dissecting complex monitors
- Authoring discoveries
- Authoring rules and monitors
- Script-based workflows
- Administration with Powershell
- Other