Great things are afoot over at Channel 9

Another vital resource has sprung up fully-formed on Channel 9 – the Patterns and Practices Security Wiki (yes, this is yet another Microsoft wiki). Whether you need to deploy a secure ASP.NET 2.0 application right now, or just have a vague wish to learn some better secure coding practices, bookmark the site. Here’s why:

  • The people behind it have lots of experience in the area, and have made it as simple as possible to get started, with an emphasis on concrete checklists and how-tos.
  • Ward Cunningham has given it a once-over – if you don’t know who he is, watch the Channel 9 video of Ward discussing how he invented wikis
  • As Anil John says, it’s going to be a “living, working resource”, where the original authors can learn as much from new contributors as vice versa. Or as Bill Brown puts it, “It promises to be updated more regularly than the great Patterns and Practices books on the subject” :)
  • Shortly to be linked to from, thanks to Brian Johnson (gee, ya think that’ll drive some traffic?)

It’s also been fun watching it gradually take shape over the past few days, via the “Recent Changes” page on the Channel 9 wiki. Whoever user appleberry9 is, they sure put in a lot of late-night work!