New name, half the fat

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that the name of our product has changed from System Center Capacity Manager 2006 Express Edition — which is a classic example of a Type 2 Microsoft product name — to System Center Capacity Planner 2006 — which is still a type 2 name, but thankfully easier to say in one breath.

SCCP is actually the name that the development team wanted from the start, so I'm happy. In my opinion, marketing had a strong argument for beginning the name with "System Center" (we're part of that brand), but weak arguments for calling it a capacity manager (focus groups may indeed prefer managing to planning, but our v1 is all about planning), and for tacking on "Express Edition" (since we hadn't announced a "standard edition").

Anyway, the dev team has now changed all our code, documentation, web sites, distribution lists, and bitmaps, but I'm going to leave it to marketing to explain to the field why they have to use the new name. "You break it, you fix it" :)

Oh, and remember how I tried to spread the "just remember CapMan" meme? Uh, yeah, sorry about that...