System Center Capacity Planner at Exchange Connections

I’m helping out on the SCCP booth at Exchange Connections in San Diego this week, and we’re handing out hundreds of CDs with our beta refresh bits. To give feedback after trying it out, you should be able to pull down the help menu and see a little “Community Forum” link, that would take you straight here.

Only, uhhh, the link isn’t there. Somewhere ’twixt vision and spec our all-singing all-dancing set of community features got dropped, and we decided to “just link to the forum”. Unfortunately, we then forgot to spec the link to the forum. Major oops. This is really painful for us, since it makes it much harder to users to discover how to give feedback.

For future conferences we’ll be slapping a big ol’ sticker on the CD sleeve with the URL on it, but for everyone at Exchange Connections I can only offer my apologies. Hopefully this blog post will show up pretty near the top of search results for “SCCP Exchange Connections”, and we’ll help at least a couple more people find this URL: