Witness the awesome power of a fully-operational Channel 9 forum

Frank Arrigo (Aussie Microsoft blogger extraordinaire) is impressed with how quickly the Wikipedia entry for "Windows Vista" was updated. Don't worry Frank, we were all over this last night on Channel 9. Check out those time-stamps: a mere eight minutes from feature suggestion to implementation :)

Of course, that was last night on Channel 9 - yes, before the official announcement. Tonight we're arguing about competing petitions to rename Window Vista. C'est la vie.

And I was going to say "If you have a funny comment about how 'vista' means chicken in Latvian, add it to the other suggestions that Scoble is accumulating in his comments" - but now I can't find the post that I could swear he made last night. The closest I can find is "Speculation over new Longhorn name all over the blogosphere". Robert, did I dream this? Maybe I need more sleep...