Composite WPF/Prism

So this week I've been involved in a workshop with the P & P team in Redmond evaluating and discussing ideas around Composite WPF and what deliverables might look like in this area. It's been very useful indeed, with some great feedback from the other delegates around what people liked/disliked about the CAB and SCSF and what was needed moving forward when building a composite application in WPF.

Key themes echo'd by all in the room were the need for a framework that was more flexible, simpler and easier to pick up and run with than the CAB and SCSF were. So a more pluggable architecture with better documentation and learning material would be great.

With this in mind, at the end of day 2 we got to look at three early spikes demonstrating the ability to swap in and out a DI Container of your choice (good work guys), an implementation of the replacement for Workspaces, called Regions, and a look at the possible replacement for the EventBroker, which provides type safety and is driven by interfaces rather than simple string topic names.

All in all I like what I've seen so far and the direction we're moving in is a good one. When the workshop is over I'll provide a full report, possibly including code samples if I can get them.