2nd Annual Health and Life Sciences Developer and Solutions Conference

How can you refuse this free event? April 22-24,  Sheraton Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ. Discounted rooms available.

Industry Themes & Solutions

  • Health 2.0 – Health & Life Sciences version of web 2.0
  • Connected Industry Framework (CIF) – “SOA enablement for Health & Life Sciences”
  • Scientist Workbench Framework (SWB) – “Framework for building products and solutions in Life Sciences - helping scientists find the needle in the haystack”
  • Consumer Enablement Reference Architecture (CERA) – “empowering consumers in the new Healthcare age”
  • Patient Safety Screening Tool (PSST) – “saving patient lives through proactive measures”
  • Health Solutions Group -  Product Innovations with Azyxxi, HealthVault, and more

Technology Themes & Trends

  • Software + Services – “It’s what Microsoft is betting its future on…”
  • Office Business Applications (OBA) – “A new breed of applications”
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) – “to the browser and beyond”
  • User Experience (UX) – and Silverlight 2.0 for Rich Internet Applications(RIA)
  • Social Web – “Evolution from teen phenomenon to essential business asset”
  • Compliance – Maintaining regulatory compliant in a changing world