A New Chapter for Silverlight

You probably have already seen this, but it's a big day for Microsoft, and for our partners/customers who are building on top of Silverlight. We are announcing several things today - and I'm not sure which one is biggest. For a more detailed explanation, check out Scott Guthrie’s blog. Here is a short summary:

· Released today Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 RTW and Expression Encoder 1.0 RTW.

· Showcasing major customers (external and internal) going live with Silverlight 1.0. External customers include Entertainment Tonight, Home Shopping Network, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Internal customers include MS.COM, MSN Podium ’08, XBOX Halo 3, MSN Extra. See the Silverlight Showcase for the latest list, including links to the running sites.

· Announcing the Silverlight Partner Initiative

· Partnering with Novell to deliver an implementation of Silverlight for Linux called Moonlight. For another viewpoint on this, check out Miguel de Icaza's announcement (the MONO creator).


And for the those who like to keep up with politics, MSN has posted a nice looking election guide, built on Silverlight. It's nicely done, and pretty informative.