Another device from HTC, Geotagging, and Windows XP SP3

I was admiring the HTC Diamond on Mike Gannotti's blog (SharePoint guru in North Carolina). Doesn't that phone look cool? He has more details and links to the product reviews.




Also saw on Mike's blog about geotagging and some photo related tools to assist in the process. These tools are aimed at the professional photographer, but the ability to geotag is interesting to me.

Microsoft  Pro Photo Tools - Microsoft Pro Photo Tools provides a set of tools for photographers to perform various tasks with their images—including RAW captures. The current version enables you to quickly geotag your photos, view and edit metadata, and more, leveraging the power of Windows and Microsoft Live Local.

Microsoft Pro Photo Shoot - Microsoft Pro Photo Shoot is a new software add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook that allows photographers to add details of the client and equipment for a photo shoot appointment in Outlook. This allows photographers to greater leverage the power of Outlook when managing their photography.

Windows XP SP3

If you're still running Windows XP (or just now installing it), you'll be interested that Windows XP SP3 has released. Here's a link to overview documents. There are a lot of included past fixes that are included (see Knowledge Base article 936929 for the cumulative list); however, there is a list of new features too:

  • "Black Hole" Router Detection
  • Network Access Protection (NAP)
  • CredSPP Security Service Provider
  • Descriptive Security Options User Interface
  • Enhanced security for Administrator and Service policy entries
  • Microsoft Cryptographic module - new crypto algorithms added
  • Windows Product Activation
  • and updates for IE6 and IE7 (if installed)

XP SP3 is relatively large too. The full blown install is 580MB, but via Windows Update it is around 70MB.

And a learning for me: SP3 is for x86 machines only (x64 was serviced by Windows Server 2003 SP2).

All of my machines run Windows Vista. I am still enjoying my Vista experience.