Another reason to upgrade to Vista - taught by Dave Bost

This week, I'm in Chicago with other DPE brethren attending a week long training class.  I'm sitting here with Dave Bost, a Developer Evangelist based in Chicago (and a Cubs fan). Where do we hire these people?!?

Did you know that when the Cubs come to St. Louis, they run a special "guess where the peanut is" game. This is one of those in-between inning events to fill the time.  The idea is that they show 3 baseball caps, show a peanut under one of the caps, move the caps around real fast, and then get the fans to guess.  The Cubs version has additional visual hints to help the challenged fans - who are not used to winning anything much. 

Today, I learned something from a Cubs fan. After viewing my blog entry about the Baseball Team Score Gadget, Dave asked me how did I get a picture of the gadget into the blog. After getting slammed for using Alt-Print Screen (which I found by a lucky guess), I found out that Vista comes with a Snipping Tool that is actually pretty nice. See Dave's blog for the details of how to use it, to see what is happening in Chicago, and his thoughts on technology.

Anyway, it's another reason to run to Vista!