Another Very Cool Silverlight Application - Tafiti

I'm not sure why this is so cool - but it is. All I can say is WOW!. Go to and check out the app. I'll never do search the same again.

Is Tafiti cool because it's built on top of Silverlight?

Is it cool because it talks to the Live Search API?

Is it because it makes search a lot more organized?

What about the carousel, or the way you can save multiple search results?

You decide! I think it's all of the above and more.

I like that I can select the search view that I want with the carousel. For example, click on the pictures for an image search, type in "Microsoft Surface" and see how this is presented, and how quick it is.

Then click on the newspaper icon on the carousel, and you can see the news search results. I love the way it is presented like a newspaper - and it's easy to read.

I entered "jon box" in the search box, and checked out my internet presence. Although my blog is nowhere to be seen on the feeds search (the RSS icon on the carousel) and my old .NETCF book is not on the books page, I do have some pictures of me on the Internet - and the book cover is there too.  Enough whimpering, back to Tafiti.

I like that I can save different search result items off to the side, and label them. I also like that when I revisit the site, it knows what I saved. I'm betting that they are leveraging the Silverlight local internal storage (i.e isolated storage). Nice application of this feature.

And then there's the Tree View. That is really cool. Place your mouse over the nodes of the tree and you can see little captions about that search result. And then tinker with the slider control below the tree.

Cool app. Check it out. You'll need the Silverlight runtime to run Tafiti, but it will be worth it.