Ballmer Keynote at CES

CES Keynote Video (58 minutes) and Keynote Transcript

Interesting things from my view:

  • Kinect
  • sold 8M Kinects…
  • integration with Zune, Hulu, Netflix
  • ESPN
  • Avatar Kinect
  • WP7
  • 9 phones across 60 mobile operators in 30 countries
  • 100 new applications every 24 hours
  • Updates coming through the year
  • Games for WP7 – too numerous to list here, but a very nice list of big names
  • Windows
  • Ballmer quotes
  • ”Windows 7 PCs are the fastest selling PCs in history, selling over 7 copies a second, they now represent more than 20 percent of all the PCs connected to the Internet”
  • Today 20 million people are already using the IE9 beta.
  • We shipped a new release of Windows Live to over 500 million people around the world. It includes the Windows Live photo gallery that lets you sync up and organize pictures from all your devices and easily share them with friends on SkyDrive, Hotmail, Facebook, et cetera.
  • And Hotmail, which is the No. 1 e-mail service worldwide, deeply integrating Microsoft Office, a major step forward.
  • In the first 100 days we drove over 20 million people to use our Office Web applications through Hotmail.
  • Finally, the all-new Windows Live Messenger connects easily to Facebook, and is already the No. 2 application on Facebook
  • New Machines
  • New Intel chipset
  • Galactic HTML5 demo
  • New APU processor from AMD, 9 hour battery life
  • Acer dual-screen PC, screen slides down to soft keyboard (41:25, very cool to see)
  • Samsung tablet device (Oaktrail chipset)
  • ASUS tablet, showing touch and stylus features
  • New version of Surface
  • 4 inches thin
  • biggest piece of gorilla glass
  • RBC Royal Bank putting them in their locations
  • Next Version of Windows
  • System on a Chip (SOC). More details here.
  • Shows new O/S running on Intel x86 machine, but with Win7 interface
  • Shows new O/S running on Qualcomm ARM machine
  • Shows on Texas Instruments ARM machine running Word
  • Shows NVIDIA ARM machine, running PowerPoint

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