Colt Ford, New Video on CMT, and a new Web Slice

Colt Ford is a fresh twist on country music. He’s got a unique sound. And my family just loves this new album, titled Chicken and Biscuits. There are several songs that are funny, have a good sound, and are just enjoyable. Can’t wait to see these live someday.

Now, I see that they’ve made a video for the title song to the new album, and it will debut on CMT on June 30th. If you’d like a sneak peek, take a look at CMT’s behind the scenes look. If you like the Twighlight series, then you’ll probably like Colt’s creativity for the video. Otherwise, check it out on CMT. You could also look at the Mr. Goodtime video, from his last album. Another good song, but the video is funny too.

Colt FordNot to be missed either, Colt has a Web Slice on his site (see the picture above). So, if you like being notified when news comes out from Colt, and you’re an Internet Explorer v8 user, then this is a web slice that you need. You can get it from Colt’s site or from the Internet Explorer gallery (here). You can always download Internet Explorer from the IE site, or by clicking on the following logo:

New Windows Internet Explorer 8